Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tis the Seaon To Be Jolly

Tis the season to be jolly as you can see I broke out the Christmas horse shirt for work. Even work doesn't keep me from my horses......lol......Tina had me pose in front of our little office tree, she did a pretty good job........Thanks Tina......Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas I know we will.........

All in a Weekends Work

This past weekend we finally manage to get the new mattress, box springs and 2 dressers delivered on Saturday morning. Woot Woot.....We are so excited about getting them. Merry Christmas to US. We did some winter cleaning while we were rearranging the room getting it ready for the new stuff. We finally got the floor tiles down and they look great. Its amazing at how much stuff you can accumulate in 21 yrs of being married and living in a single wide mobile home. So me and Earl did some winter cleaning and got rid of a bunch of stuff. Got the flooring down, the bed up, mattress and box springs in place. Manage to get the bed made and Earl just fell back on it and his response was "OMG......this is wonderful" which translates into "I did good"......lol

Made a late night run to the Walmart for a new feather pillow for me and then back home to jump in the middle of the bed.......Needless to say we slept so good. Best nights sleep we have had in years. And our backs felt wonderful. Which was the whole purpose of getting new mattresses. We went and did some Christmas shopping at Sackett's over in Jasper and picked up a few things then stopped at Bargin Barn on the way back. Finally got the horse shower curtain we had been wanting. It looks fantabulous.....lol........its slowly coming together. Still have a few other things on our list of things to do in the house to be done but we are slowly getting there. Hope ya enjoy the pics.