Saturday, November 14, 2009

Underground Atlanta

Me and Jyl on our way

Here I am

The Coke made out of canned goods.

Me and Jyl headed out to Underground Atlanta this morning. It was a neat experience for me because I had never been. There was all kinds of little shops down below but the most interesting thing I seen was a can good display. They all kinds of different displays made out of can goods. It was awesome the way they designed them and built them with tuna cans, kidney beans, green beans, corn and all different kinds of food products but mostly can goods. This one was my favorite The Coke Bottle.

A Day at the Olympic Park

Folks enjoying the Ice Skating Rink

One of the Events during the 1996 Olympics

Water Fountain Spouts at Olympic Park
We had a ball today at the Olympic Park. There were all kinds of folks out there enjoying the day and it was a beautiful day to be in the park. The kids and some adults were playing in the water fountain spouts that were going off, guys playing ball in the grass, girls practicing a dance routine and some folks with their furkids out for a walk. The ice skating rink was open and I really enjoyed watching the kids skate. The girls were just being girls laughing and giggling and it was contagious. You just felt yourself smiling and laughing right along with them. I wish I knew how to ice skate I would have loved to have been out there but my bones don't heal like they use to and I would have hated to have Jyl call Earl and say "She's down" had a great day.

Weekending in Atlanta

I am spending the weekend in Atlanta with a really close friend, Jyl. I was invited to come down for a mom's weekend out with Country Inns and Suites Refresh and Retreat Promotion. OMG........this place is amazing. The suites are so nice and the people are so friendly. We have had nothing but smiles since we arrived yesterday evening. Last night we took the hotel shuttle to the Cumberland Mall and to my surprise they had valet parking at the mall. AT THE MALL....I could not believe it. How cool is that? Can you tell the country girl don't get to the big city much. It was the neatest thing. We had supper at the food court then returned to our lavish suite for a quiet evening with Monk and no laundry........hehehehe

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jethro is such a sweetie. He is my blue merle toy aussie. Of course he is affectionately named Leroy "Jethro" Gibbs.......yes I have watched NCIS one too many times. Can we say I am addicted.....Here is Jethro so you know who I am talking about when I talk about him.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Kittys don't miss out on a meal either.....

Before the rain moved in Monday night I called the girls up (the chickens plus the boys and the turkeys) to put up for the night and fed and I wanted to share a pic of what it looks like when they all come when mama calls them you would enjoy seeing

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Critters, Fleas and Me

Well all the critters got their bath and needless to say I am just as soaked as they were. Sissy (12 yr old chihuahua) does awesome she just stands there in the sink and gets it done. Sara (8 yr old toy poodle) absolutely hates it, she had a bad experience as a puppy at a groomer and it has scarred her for life. She is terrified of getting a bath. So its always a challenege to get her done. But I did it and I got just as wet as she did.

Jethro (6 mo old toy aussie) did great. Even tho I let him soak while I worked the Neem shampoo in really good. I love the pet shampoos with neem citrus in them, it really gets them fleas. This year has been horendus for fleas in our area. And the closer to the ground the dogs are the more they seem to really like them. My friend, Jillybean, found a flea remedy on line with lemons and water. Boil one lemon to one pint of water bring to a boil let cool and put in a spray bottle. Well let me tell ya on top of normal flea treatments it works great. The dogs aren't digging at their sides and chewing here and there. It seems to get rid of the fleas as well as soothe their skin. Needless to say I will be adding this to the flea treatments for my babies.

Way to go Jillybean......and thanks for finding it.

Monday, November 9, 2009

What I was trying to say was I learned something new last night. I did not know that hyenas give birth thru a "penis" like organ on the underside of their belly. How wild is that? You can see anything on Animal Planets Weird, True and Freaky...........