Saturday, December 5, 2009

We Got Snow

Well we got some snow even tho it was only a light dusting it was still snow. I was tickled. I love to look down thru the woods when we get any kind of snow because it seems like you can see forever. Its amazing how the snow just brightens things up. There was snow on Ft Mountain too. It was becuatiful. I hope we get a bunch more this winter.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Parade Tomorrow and Snow Tonight

Earl. Me and Kramer
Ethan and Tuff

Earl and Michelob

We are getting ready for our annual Christmas parade here in the big town of Chatsworth Georgia tomorrow night. I am so excited. I always look forward to the Christmas parade because we ride our horses in it. Break out the insulated overalls and the heat packs. Those heat packs are the best thing since cold cereal. You can stuff them things anywhere you have an opening in your clothes. Last year I had them in my gloves, down my boots, and inside my shirt. So parts of me stayed warm however the rest of me proceeded to The horses are decked out with santa hats, glitter on their hooves, and jingle bells. The horses love it as much as we do. Plus on top of being excited about the Christmas parade we are expecting a dusting of snow. For our area thats like the tooth fairy coming to visit. It is few and far between. But this early in the winter to get snow of any kind is fabulous in my book. I will post pics of any snow we get and pics from the Christmas parade tomorrow night. But I thought you would enjoy seeing some pics from last years parade.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sunny Days

We have had so much rain this past fall, at times I thought we were gonna have to build a ark and we live on a thanks to the rain we had beautiful color this fall but it didn't last long enough. The rain came back in and beat the leaves off the trees. Some of the stubborn leaves held on but I wish we had more sunny days like in this pic I took on my way to Jyl' was beautiful. Nice mild temps and a gorgeous back drop.......

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Keep Your Pet Records Organized (Giveaway)

Today pets are as much family members as humans. My house is full of pets...dogs, cats, horses, chickens, goats, and turkeys. Just as we need to keep good medical records for our children we need to keep records concerning our pets. Equine Maintenance Records by Binder Products USA has made that job a little easier for us. Not only do they have record pages for horses, but they have expanded to include dogs and cats as well. Show here is an Equine Maintenance Record:

Keep Organized with this handy binder designed to hold basic records for 3 horses!

Durable 9" x 7" .35 ga. poly binder has a set of 5 tabs:

Shoeing * Worming * Vaccinations/Dental * Exercise Schedule * Misc.

Each section has 3 record sheets and 6 Exercise Schedules

All printed on card stock with reinforced holes to last!

Misc. includes a clear vinyl business card holder to hold 8 cards and several sheets of blank note paper.

Keep track of needed phone numbers and dates!

Additional sheets are available, even ones for dogs and cats.

Thanks to Binder Products USA I am offering you the chance to win a binder of your own. One lucky reader will win a binder complete with tabs and sheets that cover shoeing, worming, vaccinations, dental records, exercise schedule and misc. You of course have the option to purchase extra tabs/sheets that cover a wide range of other things such as show records, feed schedule, breeding records, plus the new dog and cat record keeping sheets.

To enter visit Binder Products USA and leave me a comment stating what other product you would love to have. All entries must be received by December 16th at 7 PM Eastern Standard Time. All entrants must have a valid US mailing address. Winner will have 3 days to respond to the verification e-mail before another winner will be selected. Winner will be chosen by a random drawing.

If you would like some extra entries you must first do the main entry requirements and then leave all extra entries in a separate comment.

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4.) Blog about this contest and link back to my blog and Binder Products USA.(Leave a link where it can be seen)

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Binder Products USA provided the product for this giveaway. I have not received anything in return for this post, I just happen to love their binders!

Where Do the All the Geese Go

I work part time at a Drs office and I usually go in around 12:30-1:00pm. Well as I got to work yesterday I heard the honking of alot of geese. So I look up and there is this huge V shape of all these geese. It was amazing at the formation they have. Now my question is Where do all the geese go? I mean if you think about it all kinds of bird fly south for the winter, but have you ever thought of where they all go. I use to live in Florida and have been there in the dead of winter and I don't remember being swarmed with all kinds of birds and geese. Doesn't make you wonder? So the next time you see a bunch of birds or geese heading south for the winter just stop and ask yourself where they are going...........

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sissy turns 12

November 28 my chihuahua turned 12 yrs old. Earl calls her the red headed step is a sweetheart. Of course she can be yappy when she wants to be and she does not tolerate little kids anymore. But most of the kids and adults know when they come to our house you have to be very supportive when you pick Sissy up because she has a deformed breast bone. But she is my girl.........Happy Birthday Teensy Jane.....aka Sissy

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Our Christmas Picture

We had our family christmas picture made and of course Jethro was in it........He is such a ham for the camera.....what do ya'll think.......