Saturday, November 7, 2009

So Long Springfield "Guiding Light Cast Members"

Me, Jonathan and Bill

Mama, Reva and Phillip

Me and Mama

OMG.......what an amazing day. Me and mama had the best day ever. She was so excited. It was amazing watching her face light up as Reva, Josh, Jeffery, Natalia, Bill, Shane, Diana, Johnathon, Phillip and Frank walk in. Of course I was just as excited. We sat in the back of the ball room and they did a question and answer session along with selecting some audience members to act out episodes from the show with the various actors. Of course my hand went up but I didn't get picked but I was acknowledged by Frank. HEHEHEHE........

Then it was time for autograph session. Each person that came in was allowed to select a colored ticket then each cast member selected a ticket. If your color matched that was the person you got to get a autograph and picture with. Everyone got to get two autographs from two cast members. Me and mama chose two different color tickets so we could cover more ground so to speak. I got to meet Johnathon and Bill and mama got to meet Reva and Phillip. I really wanted to meet Reva but I was thrilled with who I got and I was so thrilled for mama because of all the cast members she was one of her favorites. This was one of the best Christmas presents I have ever gotten mama. Hope you enjoy the pics.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Exciting Trip Tomorrow

Me and my mom are going on a exciting day out to Atlanta. I bought my mom tickets to go spend the afternoon with some of the cast from Guilding Light. As some of you know they took Guilding Light off the air much to our dismay. I sure do miss that show. But mama and me will be able to see and meet some of the cast I grew up with. I am so excited to be going. I will post pics to show ya'll what fun we had.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Country Girls Tanning and Gifts

All I can say is WOW. If you love tarts and tart warmers this is the place to go. Its a local business located in Chatsworth at the foot of Ft Mountain. They have a vast array of scents for every occassion. I love their cinnamon scents and Creme Brulee.......they smell so good and leave your home smelling so good. Its time for me to stock up for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

They have two tanning beds for those interested in keeping that summer tan going. I for one always feel better when I got a good tan going. Nothings better then going in for a "power nap" and jump starting your afternoon laying in a warm bed on these cool fall/winter days. Be sure to go by and see Nanny Billie and Liz for all your tanning and tart burning needs. 706-422-8495

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What a beautiul day!!!!!! And the critters are surely enjoying it. Turned the chickens out to scratch around and they loved it. The minis are snoozing, the cats are napping in the sunshine and Jethro (toy aussie) is bouncing around trying to get Sara (toy poodle)to play with him. He just doesn't understand she is old and doesn't play like she use to. Well better get ready for work............TTFN

Monday, November 2, 2009

Murray County Saddle Club

Well we had a saddle club meeting tonight. I am a member of the Murray County Saddle Club here in Chatsworth. It is a pretty awesome place. Our saddle club sits on 40 acres with a huge covered arena. We have 6 barns which can stall right at 300 horses, we also have close to 100 campsites with water hookups and power. We have a concession stand, dance hall, two bathrooms, a bath house, and a practice arena. We rent out the facilty for an aray of activities. We also have monthly fun shows and open shows 7 months out of the year with our biggest being a 10 day Wagon Train in July. Its filled with nightly horse shows. Tonight we discussed our Christmas party coming up and the Ranch Horse Show. We reviewed our tenative schedule for next year and it looks to be a exciting year. You should all come out and join us.
Check back often as we will always be updating with new puppie pics and mini pics. They are like potato chips you can't have just

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