Saturday, January 2, 2010

I Love My....

PeaceLoveMom thermal long sleeve shirt. Since I lost weight I seem to stay cold all the time and now with my soft long sleeve thermal shirt I stay toasty warm. It's great to wear by itself or under a long sleeve shirt. You will be styling in no time with this shirt from fun loving moms designing these special shirts just for you. Check out this fabulous website and get yours today .

Read a little more about PeaceLoveMom:

PeaceLoveMom is made up of a team of Moms with one common goal – to create “a celebration of motherhood” for all types of mothers. PeaceLoveMom, a lifestyle brand company was designed to share life’s many moments of motherhood. Established in 2006, the PeaceLoveMom team of ladies brings variant backgrounds, perspectives, and creativity to the table. Although the day-to-day business tasks are split, every PeaceLoveMom in our company possesses the same passion for motherhood and their new found careers. Creating designs that will both inspire and empower mothers everywhere, PeaceLoveMom represents a collaboration and true celebration of motherhood.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Yoohoo and Willie

Meet Yoohoo(left) and Willie(right). These are two of the horses that Ethan team ropes on along with Kramer. They belong to a close family friend and they are awesome team roping horses. Ethan's new filly is out of the same sire as these two handsome boys.
Tiny Mite Crew

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Trip to PetSmart

Saturday after Chistmas me and Amber took the babies to PetSmart. She got a new border collie puppy for her upcoming sweet 16th birthday. And of course I took Jethro and we trucked off to Kennesaw. The babies had a blast seeing all the stuff in the store and being admired by all the other pet lovers that ventured out to town with their furbabies. Jethro and Rudy got new name tags for their collars and a charm to go with them. Then they sacked out in the back seat of the tahoe and slept the whole way home.
Tiny Mite Crew

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ethan's New Filly

This is Ethan's new filly. She is a AQHA registered. She is a pretty little roan girl. She is 7 months old now. Same age as was born a red roan but looks like she might be a bay roan by the time she grows up.

Monday, December 28, 2009

New Camera Pics

I took a few or actually more then a few pics with my new camera. Altho I can't post all of them I will post a few for ya'll to see. Hope you enjoy..........
Tiny Mite Crew

Crazy Christmas

Well Christmas has come and gone none the worse for ware. We all had a good Christmas with the exception of a busted water line. My husband got me a new Nikon camera, I am so excited about it. I will post some pics later on this evening. Just wanted to touch base with ya'll and say thanks for coming by and seeing me. Watch for pics later and an updated post.

Tiny Mite Crew