Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saddle Club Christmas Party

We had our annual Christmas party at the saddle club tonight. It was great. Getting together with all the folks from the saddle club and having dinner, exchanging gifts, and winning door prizes. I won $50.00 woot woot.........We got our jackets for putting in hours this year and they are pretty nice.......

Friday, December 11, 2009

Surprise Christmas Present

Went to work Thursday morning and got a special surprise. Mandy, our office manager, gave us all a Christmas watch and a pair of Christmas socks. How cool is that. Thanks Mandy for the special gift, it made my day.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Eventful Evening

Well last night turned out to be an eventul evening. It started when we got a call that our son had cut his leg at work. So we check him out, doctor his leg and come on home. After being back at home playing on the computer I decided I had to go to the store (for whatever reason in the pouring rain) and I came upon a girl that had flipped her vehicle. Thankfully she was ok and so once emergency personell arrived I was going to continue on to the country store. Being the FurMama I am I took Jethro with me so he could go for a drive with me on my jaunt to the store. Now keep in mind its cold, its dark, its pouring down rain and I have been on the side of the road being a good neighbor when I jump up in the seat and go to put it in drive AND THEN I catch a wiff of "OH NO DOGGY POO" (the last thing you want to smell in a closed up vehicle). Yes Jethro had done the deed in the Tahoe.

Not only did he do the deed in the Tahoe but in the DRIVER SEAT and not only did he do it in the Tahoe and in the driver seat but I SAT IN IT....I thought OMG this is not happening. But when I got out and looked OH YES IT DID happen.....I could not believe it. Normally Jethro is very good about stuff like that so I don't know if he just had the urge really bad or the sirens of the fire truck and ambulance scared it out of him............Trust me I have a whole new respect for SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF............because it happened to me.............

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

More Rain and Jethro

Well its still raining. Only now we got lightening going on so I am waiting for the thunder to come rolling in here. We have had so much rain poor Jethro thinks he needs to grow fins or webbed feet.....So being trapped in the house with Sissy and Sara (chihuahua and toy poodle) (the old girls) that don't play like they use to, has been quite boring. Having to entertain his self while daddy and brother play cards and mama is busy on the computer has been interesting to say the least. Left with his stuffed babies and chew bones has been very boring to him.
So with mama p0laying on the computer I have grabbed the camera to take some pics of Jethro being

More Rain

There seems to be an endless amount of rain in store for us here in the northwest Georgia area. We have had so much rain in the last few months its unreal. We need to build an ark on some days. But they are saying we are gonna have mixed precip this weekend.......woot woot.......we will see what happens....

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Parade

Oh my gosh it was sooooooooooo cold but it was fun. Me, Earl, and Ethan along with some other family members and friends took part in the Christmas parade this year and we were bundled up like eskimos. It was 40 degrees but the wind chill was frigid. Kramer was decked out with his jingle bells and glittering hooves. We had our santa hats on and made our way thru town. By the time we got back to the saddle club I could not feel my toes. It was great to ride thru town and see all the faces of the kids waving and hollering MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of us. The floats were fabulous and the kids that took part in the parade were troopers with the temps as cold as it was. Me and Kramer jingle and jangled thru town. We had a blast.