Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Check out the Fly Water Bags or Fly Ice Bag

Check my fly water bag. Its one of those old wives tales that if you hang a bag of water it will keep the flys away. Well I did and it has hung out there all spring, summer and fall. I forgot all about taking it down for winter....lol.....but check out my water bag....hope it doesn't fall on anyones head.......hehehehehe


  1. This looks perfect and best of all, you say it works! Do you add anything to the water? That looks like a ziploc bag, is it>> did you make holes in the bag or leave the top open? I am going to try this and tell my friends about it!!

    Thank you for more information, bless you


  2. its just a ziplock bag and you just pout water in it and hang it up. It works pretty good. I was amazed. A friend of mine told me to add a shiny copper penny to it. So I am gonna try it this spring.